The Academy has been crafted to educate students, young professionals, and civic leaders on the foundational principles of American political thought and the important policy debates facing our country. This 12-week program is designed to increase your leadership capabilities and to help you engage more meaningfully in your communities and more confidently in policy debates.

"As the Executive Director  for the Young Conservatives of Texas, educating students is my number one priority. The Heritage Foundation's Academy is the best resource I have found so far for educating students in a holistic manner on public policy. I have encouraged every chapter chair in my organization to apply for The Academy. The Academy not only provides students with a holistic entry-level policy course, but also a deep dive into public policy. I heavily recommend participating in the Academy."

- Manfred Wendt 
Executive Director, Young Conservatives of Texas

Through a series of three weekly, private one-hour webinars, participants will:

* Engage with Heritage scholars, policy experts, and movement leaders

* Study the foundational principles of American polticial thought

* Explore current issues in foreign, domestic, and economic policy

* Take part in in-depth leadership training, career exploration panels, and job skills seminars

* Participate in reading groups and discussions

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