Below is our speaker line-up as of Wednesday, April 13.
Check back regularly for more updates!

The Hon. Marsha Blackburn
United States Senate (R-TN)

The Hon. Mark Green
United States House of Representatives (R-TN)

Peter Rex
Founder, Rex

Dr. Kevin Roberts
President, The Heritage Foundation

Ryan Williams
The Claremont Institute 

Dr. Pano Kanelos
University of Austin

The Hon. Scott Fitzpatrick
State Treasurer,

The Hon. Riley Moore 
State Treasurer,
West Virginia 

The Hon. John Murante
State Treasurer,

The Hon. Marlo Oaks
State Treasurer, 

Robert Alt
President and Chief Executive Officer, The Buckeye Institute 

Daniel Erspamer
 Chief Executive Officer, Pelican Institute for Public Policy

Catherine Glenn Foster
President and Chief Executive Officer, Americans United for Life

Randy Hicks
President and Chief Executive Officer, Georgia Center for Opportunity 

Will Hild 
Executive Director, Consumers' Research

The Hon. Jason Isaac
Director of Life:Powered, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Stephen Moore
Distinguished Fellow in Economics,
 The Heritage Foundation

The Hon. Mark Morgan
Former Acting Commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Nicole Neily
Parents Defending Education

Andy Olivastro
Director, Coalition Relations
The Heritage Foundation

Andy Puzder
Former Chief Executive Officer, CKE Restaurants

Ian Rowe
Resident Fellow, Domestic
Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Peter Schweizer
Best-Selling Author and President, Government Accountability Institute

Greg Sindelar
Chief Executive Officer,
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Bridgett Wagner
Vice President, Policy Promotion
The Heritage Foundation