Heritage President Dr. Kevin Roberts invites you to the premier conference for conservative movement leaders. At Resource Bank, you’ll connect with the best minds from think tanks across the country, activist and community leaders effecting change in the states, elected officials leading the way forward, new media voices bringing insight and clarity to the current debates, and rising young leaders who inspire.

The conservative movement is on non-stop offense. That’s the only way we will take full advantage of the historic opportunity we now have to save our republic. Our nation faces profound threats from within, and we have a chance to craft a unified vision to reform our government and galvanize the conservative majority in this country. 

That is the mission of The Heritage Foundation. It’s one we will accomplish, but only by bringing together the key voices of the conservative movement and taking control of the fight for our country’s destiny. That's why we want you to join us as we go on offense to take back our country.