The Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce a special opportunity to join us for a golf retreat with former Vice President of the United States and Heritage Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Mike Pence.

All members attending the golf retreat will enjoy two rounds of golf at the historic home of the U.S. Open Anchor Site, Pinehurst. In addition to golf, attendees will enjoy camaraderie with Vice President Pence and Heritage leaders as we discuss the issues important to you and the country.

*Special sponsorship opportunities are available.

For more information, please contact Heritage's Special Events team at [email protected] or (202) 608-1524.

*Sponsorship opportunities and event capacity are limited. All onsite expenses will be covered by Heritage, except for travel, lodging, and guest room incidentals. These costs will include meals, two rounds of golf, club rental, golf-cart rental, and transportation around the resort.