Tim Murtaugh

Visiting Fellow, Communications, and Contributor, The Daily Signal, The Heritage Foundation

Tim Murtaugh is a lifelong conservative who has spent his career advancing and promoting conservative causes, candidates, and principles. Most recently, he served as director of communications for President Donald J. Trump’s re-election campaignMurtaugh joined The Heritage Foundation as a visiting fellow in March 2021. He is a contributor to The Daily Signal, Heritage’s multimedia news outlet, where he writes about current events, public policy issues, and the news media.

The Honorable Andrew R. Wheeler

Visiting Fellow, Institute for Economic Freedom, The Heritage Foundation

Andrew Wheeler joined The Heritage Foundation as a visiting fellow in May, 2021, after serving as former Environmental Protection Agency administrator during the Trump administration. In his role as visiting fellow, Wheeler will advise the Heritage team on the economic and environmental impact of energy, climate change, and environmental regulations.