Join us at the Restoring Civics Strategy Meeting to:

  • Engage in intimate roundtable discussions with world-renowned scholars like author Bill McClay, who says, “Civic education is not only about how a bill becomes a law. It is about promoting a vivid and enduring sense of our belonging to one of the greatest enterprises in human history: the astonishing, perilous, and immensely consequential story of our own country.”
  • Unpack the data, research, and analysis as experts define new segment audiences’ policy positions, core messages, and delivery channels that effectively resonate with parents, teachers, and youth.
  • Strategize with our restoring civics working group members to promote American values and principles in local communities by increasing the number of trained parents that teach civics in the home and advocate for better civics education. 
  • Collaborate with like-minded leaders to combat the tumultuous culture in our schools that thrives through the divisive, racist worldview of Critical Race Theory and ideologies that reject the American idea.