THE E.W. RICHARDSON BUILDING exemplifies Heritage’s commitment to the next generation of conservative leaders.

The newly restored building—adjacent to Heritage’s headquarters—features 36,000 square feet of premier housing for interns, graduate fellows, visiting scholars and experts. The flagship building will help draw top-notch talent to think, collaborate, and advance a strong society, strong economy, and strong America.

Our hope is that each resident leaves hopeful, encouraged, and more equipped than when they arrived in Washington, D.C. They are asked only to do their best and—in the spirit of the building’s namesake—never forget the true price of freedom. 
The Richardson Building provides an enormous opportunity for conservatives on Capitol Hill that rivals and surpasses that of neighboring liberal groups and special interests.
Richardson Building Intern Housing is more than a place to live, it is a place to grow and build community. We strive to create an engaging community, to mentor our residents, and build a network of like-minded conservative leaders. The experience, wisdom, and mentorship by the Resident Advisors is unparalleled across other housing options in Washington. Choosing to live and participate in this program is an internship amplifieroffering a network of peers on a similar journey with lasting opportunity for impact.
E.W. “RICH” RICHARDSON was an outstanding American who led an extraordinary life. As a bomber pilot and squadron commander with the 15th Air Force in Italy during World War II, Capt. E.W. Richardson’s B-24 Liberator was shot down over Vienna on March 22, 1945, on his 44th mission. He was then taken prisoner and sent to a POW camp near Munich. Later in the year, the camp was liberated by Gen. George Patton’s Third Army.

After his military service, Rich applied the work ethic and character that he gained during the Great Depression, to spend every living moment living the American Dream. From nothing, he built a successful network of car dealerships in the Southwest. After over five decades, Rich’s company remains one of the top Ford dealers in the nation. But what he was best known for was his honesty, fair dealing, and generosity. As his friends and business partners would attest—his word was his bond.
The E.W. Richardson Building is made possible by the extraordinary 
generosity of Rich’s daughter, Dr. Patrice K. Richardson, who is joined by Rich's widow, Barbara, his granddaughter, Ali, his grandson, Tyler, and other members and friends of the Richardson Family to honor Rich’s service to his community and to the nation. Their investment connects the values of integrity, hard work, and individual responsibility from the Greatest Generation to future generations of leaders that will use the building.
The Richardson Building is owned by Massachusetts Avenue Properties, LLC.